2 years of dedicated preparation

A carefully cultivated brand value

 5 years of research and development

Precious Snow Mushrooms that is meticulously grown and cared for

15 years of strong experience

Development of products with international experiences

Everlasting passion and development

Future expansions and growing product ecologies


The secret code to your velvety skin

The brand name “Lisscode” is a combination of the words Lisse (French word), meaning smooth, and code. Beauty is its jumping-off point. The first “made in Taiwan” Cold and Warm Skin Beauty Instrument was developed with Taiwan’s and Japan’s R&D technology. A technical team specializing in cultivating and extracting organic snow fungus has been developing the most suitable natural skin care essence to penetrate the skin with the use of this beauty instrument. Together the natural Snow Mushrooms essence and the skin beauty instrument are the secret code to your velvety skin.


Perfection and Innovation

Hotway Technology Corp. is Lisscode’s parent company. Hotway has engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and OEM of 3C products for more than a decade. Its PROBOX brand, for batteries and electronic data storage, has been selling globally. With its expertise in product R&D along with PROBOX’s dedication to caring for consumers, Hotway Technology Corp. was joined by a team knowledgeable in Japanese technology in 2014 and invented the Skin Beauty Instrument used in conjunction with natural snow fungus essence, which offers a new prospect in the skin beauty industry.

We have upheld the spirit of focusing corporate development in Taiwan, and worked with Taiwanese farmers for the organic cultivation of the Snow Fungus and adopted water-extraction technologies that rival the latest innovations in the US and Japan. The entire process from selection of the Snow Mushrooms > Cleaning > Water extraction > Filtration > Concentration > Solution > Drying > Inspection and Testing adopts non-toxic and chemical-free methods and is 100% Made in Taiwan (MIT), just like the products of our parent company. We hope that our efforts can provide consumers with another valuable gem of MIT products.


Gradual Implementation

2002 | Founding of Hotway Technology Corporation, parent company of Lisscode™
2008 | Development of the PROBOX™ brand that achieved the best sales performance in the US and Southeast Asia
2011 | Began working with Taiwanese farmers in the cultivation and farming of Snow Mushrooms strains.
2012 | Initiated partnerships with Japanese battery manufacturers for mobile power sources. Acquired opportunities of collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom and FarEasTone.
2013 | Product won the prestigious iF design award. The Snow Mushrooms team successfully acquired the polysaccharide extraction technology in the same year.
2014 | Developed the Nekohako™ cat-themed mobile power source that achieved a great hit for the young women’s market.
2015 | Hosted a global design competition and participated in the Taiwan Designers’ Week, attracting the attention of many media companies.
2016 | An R&D team with 15 years of experience became part of the Taiwan Snow Mushrooms program. Successful development of the Lisscode™ brand after 2 years of preparation.