Snow Mushrooms Extract

increase the water content of the skin

Jojoba wax

rich in vitamin D and protein which helps maintain skin moisture

Leontopodium Alpinum

contains natural chlorogenic acid, maintains skin firmness and elasticity

Snow Mushrooms Serum

Tremella fuciformis Extract

total polysaccharides | Botanical collagen | 30ml

All lngredients | The native Tremella of Taiwan grows in cloud forest zones. Nantou, with its temperate climate and an average temperature of 19.3 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity (RH) of 81.2%, is the perfect place for growing the Snow Mushrooms.

Lisscode™ selected fresh snow mushrooms organically grown in Nantou using the purest spring waters to create a concentrated extract of polysaccharides and plant-based collagen. The extract is further combined with multi-layered water retention factors that help combine water with the keratin within the corneum layer of the skin, achieving lasting skin moisturizing, water retention, and rejuvenating effects, locking in that needed hydration to prevent the unwanted darkening of skin tones.

Instructions | Lisscode™ is perfect for all skin types. Apply a suitable quantity of the essential serum and apply evenly on the face (according to skin type). For better results, use in tandem with the Lisscode™ facial treatment massager.

Shelf Life | 3 years


Offerings of Taiwan’s Nature

Introducing the Snow Mushrooms

The Snow Mushrooms is often mistaken for the white fungus. For most people, wood ears tend to refer to fresh black Chinese fungus or dried white wood ears grown in Mainland China.

Unlike these dried white fungus, the snow mushrooms is the result of selective cultivation conducted by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute that integrates the beneficial features of the black Chinese fungus, white fungus and cloud ears. The cultivation of the Snow Mushrooms is particularly difficult due to stringent environmental requirements that include temperature, humidity, ventilation, natural illumination and nutrient availability, greatly restricting production capacities.

Many people regard the white fungus as the Holy Grail for beauty and rejuvenation due to its rich contents of plant-based collagen that help improve skin tone and texture. However, the biggest difference between snow mushrooms and white fungus is the thicknesses of the fronds after generating the fruiting body. The greater thickness means that the snow mushrooms serves as a better source of high quality plant-based collagen. When boiled, the Snow Mushrooms gives off enough collagen to generate a jelly-like consistency, something that the white fungus could not hope to achieve.

Snow Roses of Taiwan | Lisscode™

Fresh spring waters from Nantou County were used to enhance humidity and recreate the climate of the cloud forest zone in the cultivation areas, coaxing the fungus to develop its fronds that naturally assume the form and shape of pure, white rose petals that give off a fine, faint aroma. Lisscode™ thus renames this rare cultivar as the Snow Rose.

High Quality Extraction


Japanese extraction technology

High quality extraction techniques must be employed to generate extracts that retain high concentrations of polysaccharides.

Only a single gram of Snow Mushrooms Serum essential extract can be acquired from nearly 30 fully-grown fronds of the Snow Mushrooms. The extraction technique is based upon Japanese technology and includes the step of selection of Snow Mushrooms | cleaning | water extraction | filtering | concentration | solution | drying | inspection and testing. This complex process is necessary as we insist on using alcohol-free extraction, allowing us to derive 90% of the polysaccharides contained within the fronds.

Total Polysaccharides

Total polysaccharides

High concentrations of total polysaccharides

Polysaccharides capable of enhancing skin moisture content by 35 to 56%

Years of research conducted by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) revealed that Snow Mushrooms polysaccharides are capable of forming a thin, transparent film on the skin that improves moisture content of the stratum corneum (corneum layer) by 35 to 56% while reducing water loss. Long-term use will help lighten dark patches and spots on the skin. Lisscode™ has witnessed the powers of Taiwan’s finest agricultural produce and hopes to share such wonders with everyone.

Free radicals

Multiple researches have shown that polysaccharides are capable of countering free radicals generated by stress, pollution and electromagnetic (EM) waves, protecting the skin against damage caused by these free radicals and helping it maintain a healthy and natural glow.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid

Plant-based agent for skin moisturizing

Plant-based gelatin on par with the finest algal extracts

Most skin care products employ algal collagen as the active component to moisturize the skin. The thick petal-like fronds of the Snow Mushrooms are rich in jelly-like collagen that rivals most algal sources, allowing it to further hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.