Deep Cleansing

Thermal cleansing skincare


Thermal moisturizing


Vibratile Massaging

Shrinking pore size

Cooling skincare

Facial Treatment Massager

42°C | 10°C Dual Mode

About Lisscode™ Facial Treatment Massager

Case Material | Plastic (ABS)
Dimensions | 54.5 (W) x 42.7 (D) x 158 (H) mm
Weight | 148.6g
Battery Type | Lithium-ion Battery
Skin care head Material | Titanium alloy
place of production | Designed and manufactured in Taiwan
Package Contents | Main Device/Cotton Pad Attaching Ring/Power Charging Cable

Deep Cleansing

42°CThermal cleansing skincare | Deep Cleansing

With so many different make up products, can you really clean your face?

Use Lisscode’s facial treatment massager to clean by extracting the dirt.
After washing your face, at 42°C and Micro Current Technology,the residual makeup stuck at the deep layers of your skin can be removed by Lisscode treatment massager used with toner.

Moreover, it can accelerate the replacement of old skin, giving you something you have never experienced.


42°C Thermal moisturizing | Powerful moisturizing

How to improve your skin’s absorbency of skincare products?

Use Lisscode’s facial treatment massager to induct the serum.
At 42°C, Micro Current Technology improves your skin’s absorbency up to 60% and also increases skin’s moisture content.


42°C Thermal Ionic Massage | Moisturizing Massage

A new experience of massaging the skin gently

Use Lisscode’s facial treatment massager with lotion, choose the level of sonic vibration, set the inductor head at 42°C, and the sonic vibration will activate blood circulation, so even a larger molecule cream can moisturize the skin more effectively.

Shrinking pore size

10 °C Cooling Skincare

An easy way to experience an ice-cold effect

Shrinking skin pores with the 10°C inductor head.
This cold treatment also helps reducing inflammation and swelling after acne removal.

Skin-Friendly Design

Titanium (Ti) was used as the catalyst for creating our skin care product.

The inert titanium alloy

The inert metallic element titanium is perfect for a wide variety of skin care products.
It does not react chemically with the active ingredients, making it one of the best and most simple elements for skin contact.

Convenient to Carry

Open and use | Easily portable

Providing the best skin care even during traveling

Could be recharged using mobile power sources and USB chargers.

A complete skin care regimen in just 10 minutes

Enjoy a professional skincare conveniently at home